The Invention Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence established by AP3 Solutions in 2019 to stimulate interdisciplinary research. The Centre was established to increase AI adoption in engineering applications and to make use of the Institutes existing expertise in network systems modelling. We are walking towards to be an Indias preeminent interdisciplinary AI research center in these three years. At present this Centre is one of the widely connected network analytics and deep reinforcement learning groups in the country. This Centre has a special focus in deep learning and natural language processing with its indigenous team. The research works of AP3 solutions are recognized in most of the international conferences and publications. These works were appreciated by international subject experts with many awards including best publishing papers in the conferences Through academic collaboration, Centre makes joint venture on latest area of research in AI, ML and DL. We are involved in number of AI-driven initiatives and are pushing the boundaries in terms of implementing sound AI technology in industrial applications. The Centre has established multiple number of long-term international connections with various universities and institutions.

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Vision and Mission



AP3 Solutions be a one place solution for any field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence challenges in the industry. Research conducted by this Centre led to the grant of many intellectual property rights with significant societal effect. Our Centre’s work is not limited with research but the knowledge acquired to be shared with large number of technical learners.



The Centre’s works involves on fundamental research in deep learning, network analytics, causal modelling, data science-specific system architecture, and reinforcement learning. Manufacturing analytics, financial analytics, smart cities, systems biology, and health care are four verticals in which applied research is conducted. For our continuous and successful research, we employ a devoted team of researchers, and we always welcome high-performing, dedicated, and motivated graduates. Our greatest asset is the team includes the experts from various discipline. Graduates, scholars, computer scientists, and technology professionals can all benefit from AP3 Solutions Lab.